Thursday, March 5, 2009

Wildcard Announcement

I am equally appalled by the elimination of such hopefuls as Mishavonna Henson, Ju'Not Joyner and Kristen McNamara, though no blow comes harder than the passing over of Felicia Barton. To allow Tatiana Del Toro through instead based solely on her water-cooler potential is just inexcusable to me.

I understand the judges are trying to fill vocal/personality holes in the top 12 with their selections, and that they also must be informed somehow by the public votes, but still, why choose both Jesse Langseth and Megan Corkery? And why does it just feel like the judges (producers) are still pushing their hollywood favorites and ignoring the best top 36 performers (with the exception of Ricky Braddy).

The only consolation I find is knowing that these talented singers, in being overlooked, are avoiding an almost inevitable verbal slapping around by the judges and resultant 12th-11th place finishes...I believe all four are better than this, and if Idol won't give them the respect they deserve, they're better served to find it elsewhere! (Sour grapes, I know, but I can't help it).


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  1. I totally agree. Felicia was my ABSOLUTE favorite and I am surprised she didn't get voted in the top 3 of her group, and even more *shocked* she didn't get picked for the wild card round. Why even bring her back at all if they didn't like her enough to give her a wild card chance??

    First of all, America is dumb for voting through Jorge and Scott over Felicia, Ju'Not and Kristen. And then second, the producers are dumb for putting in Jesse, Tatiana and Matt Giraud. Matt sucked on that Coldplay song, the judges said that's not the type of music he should be doing, then said that's the type of music he wants to do if he makes it, and they still put him through??

    Plus I have a feeling they are going to choose two girls and 1 guy for the remaining three spots, to keep the girl/guy ratio more even. That means that we have a pretty big chance of seeing lots more of Tatiana.

    BOO! Producers are RETARDED this year.