Thursday, March 5, 2009

Wild Cards

So I have to say, my rage has been somewhat satiated after tonight’s entertaining Wild Card show. While I still hold that Felicia should be there in that Top 13 instead of Megan (or in the Wild Card bunch instead of Tatiana), I agreed with the judges choices (with one exception: Ricky Braddy). I know Megan advanced in his spot because of her vagina (yes, I said it), so she should be counting her lucky stars right about now that the Top 13 needed another girl, especially because Jasmine almost knocked her out cold. Anyway, was I the only one who thought Simon was scolding Kara for tipping her cards after Megan’s judging? And how about this passive aggressive streak Paula is on (I’m loving it!)? And hooray for inappropriate live moments, yes I’m referring to kneeling Tatiana and “brown” Anoop…

Here’s what I would have done were I sitting in front of a large red coke cup:

Top Four

Jasmine Murray—“Reflection.” I believed in Jasmine even through the dark days of Love Song, and I now feel the sweet joy of vindication. Under that flawless look, she’s just got a solid, smooth voice—from the power notes to the gorgeous falsetto, I’m so happy she proved herself and smashed her way into the Top 13.

Matt Giraud—“Who’s Loving You.” He won me back over, despite his blatantly arrogant attitude. It was a great song choice and strong vocal delivery, and Matt was obviously playing for keeps. But was anyone else searching for the missing melody in the second half of his performance? I still think he’ll prove to be a poor man’s Chris Richardson (who is a poor man’s Justin Timberlake), but he deserved to advance as the top male of the night, nonetheless.

Anoop Desai—“My Prerogative.” This performance teetered dangerously on the edge of feeling worthy of a certain red headband, but cheesy and dorky theatrics aside, Anoop can simply blow. He’s an Idol nerd with the best voice since Clay Aiken, and I think that’s going to serve him quite well.

Ricky Braddy—“Superstition.” The only reason I’m not that upset about Ricky’s departure is that he came out as if he already knew Paula would write his name on a silver stool. That being said, this show has consistently shortchanged the poor guy, and I wish he had advanced. But even if he had made it through, I think he’d have been doomed to an early, David Hernandez finish anyway.

Send Packing:

Megan Corkery—“Black Horse and a Cherry Tree.” I still don’t get her! This was undoubtedly better than her first showing, but still paled in comparison to KT Tunstall’s vocals on the original. As a pop music fiend, I also don’t think Megan is unique in the least; I can name at least 10 artists who do the same thing as her, but a trillion times better (and thus have actual record deals). At least she’s gorgeous—I keep getting flashes of Rachel McAdams in Mean Girls…

Jesse Langseth—“Tell Me Something Good.” She was certainly entertaining, but Jesse displayed just how limited her vocal range truly is with this performance, which is why she was justly denied.

Von Smith—“Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word.” I don’t really care enough about this performance to discuss it. All I have to say is: chance blown!

Tatiana Del Toro—“Saving All My Love.” Your fifteen minutes are finally up!

All in all, I have to admit that I’m pretty happy with the Final 13. Is it perfect? No. But I’m genuinely looking forward to seeing more of Allison, Alexis, Danny, Adam, Kris, Jasmine, Matt and Anoop, and am completely willing to be won over by Lil, Jorge and Scott. So that just leaves Michael and Megan on my shit list, which ain’t so bad!!


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