Sunday, February 8, 2009

Hollywood Week #2

Is the idol machine finally breaking down? Granted, I never really get crazily-into the show until the viewer voting rounds, but these preliminary shows just seem like a bad omen. Not a peep of reasoning from the judges? Thirty minutes of useless, song-less drama? Knowing more about the booted contestants than those in the top 75? Not being able to differentiate between 104 and 107 singers? Are we witnessing the slow, painful death of a legend? I really hope not, but the following contestants serve as proof…

Norman Gentle—I refuse to call this nonsense by it’s real name. COME ON!!

Tatiana Del Torro—So the girl has a good voice. But watching her hysterical rantings feels much like taking a cheese grater to the face.

Nathanial Marshall—A tired Danny Noriega impersonator. Go home.

Still, despite my growing fear, there are a precious few contestants to get excited about…

Danny Gokey—They’re shamelessly pimping him, but I got chills nonetheless during his version of “Somebody to Love.”

Adam Lambert—Shrill, but like Von, if he learns to only hit us with a few power notes per song, I foresee idol gold.

Jasmine Murray—After hearing the vocal cloud that her fellow Diva members served up, Jasmine’s voice cut in like ray of light. She’s simply smooth, and I can’t wait to see what she can do.

Kristin McNamara—Sure, I hated her during the drama half, believed she couldn't sing when needing to "rest her voice," and thought she looked oddly muppet-esque during her performance of “Mercy,” but when she hit those high notes, I had to hit rewind on my Tivo. Instant love!

Until next week, here’s to hoping Norman Gentle’s elevator of suspense malfunctions and careens into obscurity.


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